Bull house impound

The Bull House Impound refers to the impound lot past the Bull Yard (this latter area will be itself a chapter save later). Essentially, it is a police precinct with a lot of stuff to find, plenty of guards to kill Booker in a crossfire (at close quarters) if you are careless.

SightSeer 028

"Fitzroy spotted!" In the Impound Facility, check the side offices near the front door for this kinetoscope (it is the first room on your right).

Voxophone 045

On the Impound Building's first floor. Step past the tear cover and turn 90° left to the next room. At the Columbia Police seal turn 90° left to the room adjacent to an interrogation/holding room. The recorder is under a table in the room that's not the interrogation room.

Have Elizabeth warp in what you want (cover is handier until you really need supplies). Clear the building of enemies -- both the second floor and the basement (where you go), so you can explore in peace.


The key used to unlock a chest in the Bull Yard Impound will be in Graveyard Shift's basement. If you didn't get it, you may still wander back outside and take a sky rail back to the Graveyard Shift bar.

Infusion 016

In the Impound Building's second floor, the room just past the Medical Kits tear has a phial in the locked chest by the voxophone. The key to the locked chest is in the Graveyard Shift cellar (same room with the guitar).

Voxophone 046

In the Impound Building's second floor, the room just past the Medical Kits tear has a recorder next to the locked chest.

Besides the key-locked chest, there are other items to find if you have the sufficient number of lockpicks. It's generally handy to have a few around (or even buying 2 or 3 to supplement those you find while exploring) if they are available in the Dollar Bill machines.

Infusion 017

Next to the Medical Kit tear on the Impound's second floor, there is an evidence room that's locked (5 lockpicks). Have Elizabeth crack the lock for this phial.

Where you find the infusion in the locked evidence room (requring 5 lockpicks), there is a piece of gear. Chen's tools are in the basement of the impound lot. Head downstairs into the impound building's basement and -- after you made sure every item was accounted for -- step through Elizabeth's tear.

Voxophone 047

After the tear in the impound lot, head upstairs and a recorder is on the table with the Columbia Authority seal on the wall nearby.

Note that while the map "looks" the same, items you found in the earlier version may not appear. Certainly, some items in this new version of the world will be new (and collectible) as evidenced by the voxophone on the police table above. Exit the building and back into the Bull Yard when you're suitably creeped out.

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