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Minutemans armory

Minuteman's Armory sells upgrades for BioShock Infinite's Weapons. The total for buying all four weapon upgrades (for each weapon) is listed in the sub-totals below:

Minuteman's Armory
Burstgun Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Burstgun Damage Boost 1 $423
Burstgun Damage Boost 2 $423
Burstgun Recoil Decrease $822
Burstgun Ammo Increae $672
Max Upgrade Cost $2340
Carbine Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Carbine Damage Boost 1 $357
Carbine Damage Boost 2 $357
Carbine Clip Increase $484
Carbine Recoil Decrease $333
Max Upgrade Cost $1531
Hail Fire Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Hail Fire Damage Boost 1 $688
Hail Fire Damage Boost 2 $688
Hail Fire Radius Increase $415
Hail Fire Clip Increase $399
Max Upgrade Cost $2190
Hand Cannon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Hand Cannon Damage Boost 1 $448
Hand Cannon Damage Boost 2 $448
Hand Cannon Reload Speed $656
Hand Cannon Recoil Decrease $350
Max Upgrade Cost $1902
Heater Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Heater Damage Boost 1 $554
Heater Damage Boost 2 $554
Heater Reload Speed $752
Heater Spread Boost $467
Max Upgrade Cost $2327
Machine Gun Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Machine Gun Damage Boost 1 $236
Machine Gun Damage Boost 2 $236
Machine Gun Accuracy Boost $512
Machine Gun Clip Increase $391
Max Upgrade Cost $1375
Pistol Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Pistol Damage Boost 1 $199
Pistol Damage Boost 2 $199
Pistol Clip Increase $275
Pistol Ammo Increase $404
Max Upgrade Cost $1077
Repeater Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Repeater Damage Boost 1 $416
Repeater Damage Boost 2 $416
Repeater Recoil Decrease $711
Repeater Clip Increase $449
Max Upgrade Cost $1992
RPG Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
RPG Damage Boost 1 $385
RPG Damage Boost 2 $385
RPG Clip Increase $816
RPG Speed Increase $333
Max Upgrade Cost $1919
Shotgun Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Shotgun Damage Boost 1 $255
Shotgun Damage Boost 2 $255
Shotgun Reload Speed $456
Shotgun Spread Boost $360
Max Upgrade Cost $1326
Sniper Rifle Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Sniper Rifle Damage Boost 1 $349
Sniper Rifle Damage Boost 2 $349
Sniper Rifle Fire Rate $654
Sniper Rifle Recoil Decrease $288
Max Upgrade Cost $1640
Volley Gun Upgrades
Weapon Upgrade Price
Volley Gun Damage Boost 1 $522
Volley Gun Damage Boost 2 $522
Volley Gun Radius Increase $536
Volley Gun Clip Increase $740
Max Upgrade Cost $2320

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