Monument Island Gateway

From the Fraternal Order of the Raven's headquarters, keep going to the Gondola and Tram station. Enter Monument Island Gateway and combat enemies as they show up while Booker heads out on the Sky Rails towards the airship.

Infusion 003

On the skyrail tutorial, make a stop at the first blue-lit platform (labelled "Monument Tower Maintenance") on the lowest part of the skyrail. Check inside for this phial of infusion on the roll-top desk.

Voxophone 012

On the skyrail tutorial, get to the gondola control station. There is a recorder in the back of the upper office (the same office/building where Booker clears the second skyrail of cargo).

Inside the balcony room at the platform where the second skyrail stops (due to cargo boxes). Booker needs to get to a freight hook near the balcony to continue on the skyrail. Once on the second floor, enter the bedroom. In the corner of the room (by the bedstand), there is a piece of gear to collect. Continue through the room to exit out the back onto a balcony.

Board the enemy Zeppelin after the brief truce (don't waste ammo on enemies who don't fight back, because they don't drop ammo) and fight through it. Escape the airship through the bomb bay doors in the back when it starts catching an explosive way.

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