When Booker arrives in Raffle Square, the next decision (at the object toss) will determine if you get an extra piece of gear later. Throwing the object will effectively arm Booker with the slice o'matic hand-thing-a-ma-jig (the Sky Hook), so do what you like.

Once the riot starts, go through the tutorial training. To execute the Columbia Protectors, hold your melee button down when the skull symbol appears over a target's head.

Pick up the Broadsider Pistol from the first cop who is stupid enough to bring you a weapon. Introduce his face to Booker's rusty and dull Sky Hook and seize his weapon to give yourself some firepower. One of the handier game options is to turn on damage numbers to see how much damage you're doing to enemies. It's particularly handy to see if you hit a target in the distance.

Fight through the streets (watch out for turrets). You can use Possession on the turrets and while they are friendly, destroy (or bypass) them. Get to the gate that was guarded by two policemen earlier and you get to battle your first enemy Vigor user.


The enemy Fireman is all about setting you on fire. Return fire with your handgun, and if need be, use the Possession vigor to "stun" the enemy so you can empty your magazine into its head (ignore the message about attacking friendlies, because there are none). Kill the Fire Man and claim the Devil's Kiss vigor. Kill a few more gun turrets (they are vulnerable to a slow burn of Devil's Kiss) and head to Comstock Center Rooftops.

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