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Comstock Center RooftopsEdit

The Blue Ribbon RestaurantEdit

In the kitchen of the restaurant where Booker first gets the magnetic shield from Madame Lutece.

BioShockInfinite 2013-03-29 22-17-05-11
BioShockInfinite 2013-03-29 22-17-13-28
BioShockInfinite 2013-03-29 22-24-49-63

Lansdowne ResidenceEdit

Inside the house (Lansdowne Residence) with the optional locked treasure chest containing the Infusion, there's a voxophone on one of the shelves.

BioShockInfinite 2013-03-29 22-57-27-81
BioShockInfinite 2013-03-29 22-57-41-89
BioShockInfinite 2013-03-29 23-03-09-77

Comstock Center RooftopsEdit

Past the house with the cloth looms (the Montgomery Residence), there is an old-timey outdoor stage show with a green horse-drawn cart (and a clockwork horse). The voxophone is on the small theater stage.

BioShockInfinite 2013-03-30 00-11-53-09
BioShockInfinite 2013-03-30 00-13-27-33
BioShockInfinite 2013-03-30 00-15-49-90

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